То check artist’s availability and prices please contact sales by phone +972-77-5588850 ext. 5 or via contact form .
When you are ready to book the artist, please proceed below with an upfront payment of $100 to save the date at artist’s calendar. The rest part of the payment can be done by cash or check at the end of the party.

Product to paint on
Event date and time
Event address

Cancellation and money refund policy.

You can cancel the booking whenever you want by email and get your money back as following:

  • More that 30 days before the event  – 100% money refund
  • 15-29 days before the event – 50% refund
  • Up to 14 days before the event – no refund

Refunds will be done with PayPal within 1 business week from the date of your cancellation request.