Kirill Hello, I would like to say thank you to the event on Saturday, patience and professionalism, craftsmanship and the ability of your amazing skill, thank you also on behalf of Adar, of course. It was wonderful thanks again

We’re at Over Israel Balloons invited you to Bat Mitzvah activity balloon flight last year. The activity was very successful and we will continue to offer it to our clients .

Dear Kirill,
I want to thank you for the wonderful pictures of my daughter’s bat mitzvah event,
Attention, calmness and patience with children and guests and of course the coolest cartoons.
Because of you event upgraded” and had a lovely
It was nice to see the kids standing patiently in line and of course the adults who gave up and waited their turn.
Thank you very much: Abraham’s family

I wanted to say it was a beautiful activity.
Everyone had a wonderful and enlightening pictures !!!
There were lots of good comments just beautiful.
I have shared all your information among all my colleagues and also outside Amdocs
When something is great, its spreads quickly!

Thank you very much for an outstanding job !!!

Kirill was lovely and contributed greatly to the success of the event. He paints with so much talent, charm, grace. We guests had a great time. Many thanks to you.
See you at celebrations

I wanted to say thanks for your professional work!!

We have celebrated Bat Mitzvah on 3/10/13 and invited Kirill, that his special talent has made the event special and successful. We thank you very much and recommend him as an amazing experience that guests will not forget.

Kirill, Thank you very much! We appreciate your attitude and beautiful paintings that made our event a success.

Hello Kirill
I wanted to thank you for a successful evening in the courtyard of the well Zichron Yaacov
You have received a lot of compliments from the audience,
I shared your phone. You are very talentedWe enjoyed all the amazing pictures we are all still talking about the event. It was simply amazing! Keep doing, we wish you a lot of success
Thank Einat for the service along the way.

Kirill Thank you for your patience, caring, professionalism and courtesy, the smile. You simply charming, and we’ll be happy to recommend and work with you again. Thank you again

Kirill Good morning, We wanted to thank you for taking part in Yoav’s Bar Mitzvah party last Thursday. Our guests said they were amazed about your talent and paintings!

Dear Kirill, thanks for the wonderful caricatures drawn at the Bar Mitzvah of our son Adam. The souvenir was perfect and the joy of all the guests. Thank you very much

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. Kirill did a great job and the kids and the parents were very happy!! Thank you very much and I believe we will meet again . Good day, Inbal

We want to thank the successful attraction, guests and kids were mesmerized, hypnotized with your shirts . We have really enjoyed your presence that was relaxed, gracious, and charming children. We’ve already received requests for your contact details from some of our friendsThank you so much, Sharon and Dan Cohen.

Dear Kirill
You are a phenomenally talented !!
You brought the attraction, that has made our Bar Mitzvah exclusive and unforgettable.
Delight everyone, children and even adults, everyone was waiting for his turn,
And you were patient with them and did you soak a relaxed atmosphere around you
well done,
You are a great artist!
Thank you

Hello Kirill, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that pleased Michal Bat Mitzvah friends yesterday at Hod HaSharon. You have charming work, great talented and do everything patiently. Will be happy to recommend you to others. All the best, Nitza

ימית לוגסיימית לוגסי

Kirill came to our kindergarten for early Sophshana drawings😆
With great professionalism and patience, he drew them all, every boy and girl with his dream..
Gave a pleasant and calm feeling, and all this during the daily routine..
Even as a team we didn't for a moment feel the need to "stand up to him" and check that everything is okay.. (and it's not obvious sometimes🤭..) He is a complete craftsman!! Crazy talented.. 👏
Highly recommend. Until next time with us...

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Invite Kiril to any event in Israel and abroad for painting beautiful cartoon portraits of your family, friends, or colleagues, on various unique materials and products such as t-shirts, pillowcases, bags, mugs, as well as foam board, canvas, or paper. The quality and similarity of the caricatures and the incredible speed of Kirill amaze and entertain your guests in a humorous and artistic way, and leave them a valuable gift from you for life. Since 2000 more than 150,000 people were painted by Kirill and he will be happy to draw for you as well.

How many people can I paint per event?  It’s possible to paint 15-100 people in 1-5 hours.

For which kind of events? Kiril can be booked for almost any kind of party: birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, brit, graduation, promotional, corporate, holidays, festivals, etc.

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