Leading israeli artist and the best choice for reasonable price

Kirill, has over 17 years experience in the events industry, with unique skill of quick and beautiful cartoon portrait drawing. Graduated Junior School of Painting in Russia at the age of 13, Kirill also has 1-st degree B.DESIGN in visual communication design, and and a master’s MBA degree in marketing. Kirill is an industry leader and has many advantages over the competitors.

  • Beauty: Drawing people prettier than in reality

    Kiril draws realistic and beautiful caricatures. The adults look younger and children cooler than they are. Without faults, huge teeth or prominent ears, the opposite of what is offered by most cartoonists.

  • Capacity/Speed: painting any number of people

    Kirill’s service price is estimated by quantity of painted people rather that by time, so you get exactly what you ordered and expected , even if it takes more artist’s time.

  • Package: impressive gift bag with handles

    Our products come with plastic biodegradable branded gift bag with handles

  • Convenient to pay: cash/credit cards/check

    You can pay for the show in cash, check, bank transfer or even with your credit card.

  • Similarity: portraits for the price of caricatures

    Huge experience in painting gives Kiril an incredible ability to draw very realistic portraits in short time, so when you order a caricatures you actually get portraits.

  • Responsibility: personal, social and environmental

    We use biodegradable bags, a clean environment, quiet and safe equipment, quality materials, stable colors with no odor.

  • Variety: unique products with caricatures for every taste and budget

    You can choose between pictures on foam board with rack, t-shirts, canvas, pillowcases, and even towels to be painted on. The painting techniques varies from oil pastels through airbrush, to digital illustration, for any number of people and budget.

  • Numbered waiting list

    Kirill opens a numbered list of people in the line, to prevent unnecessary and haggling and frustrations typical to waiting in line. and not to miss another activities at the event. The list also allows to monitor the quantity and demand and ensure that you get no less painted people than was promised.

  • Professional with 15 years of experience

    Kiril Nelkenbaum (37) young looking artist, with extensive 15 years experience in painting people in events market, earned the magic ability to quickly draw beautiful color caricature portraits. Kiril graduated from the School of Youth painting in Russia, has a degree in visual communication design B.DESIGN, and an MBA in marketing. Since 2000, so far Kirill have personally painted more than 70,000 people, and with his team – about 100,000 people in Israel and worldwide.

  • Value for money: pay for supply, not for time

    Kirill’s service price is estimated by quantity of painted people rather that by time, so you get exactly what you ordered and expected , even if it takes more artist’s time.

  • Availability: service anywhere, anytime

    Kiril and his artists can arrive everywhere in Israel and also abroad, in any hour and any day of the week, about 1 hour before the event begings. If Kirill personally is busy, one of his talented artists will be available for you.

  • Service: quick and personal

    Ordering Kiril gives you peace of mind that everything will be done in highest quality and in time. Kiril and his representative care that the whole service process starting at first conversation until the last guests are gone, will be a positive experience for you.

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