Attraction + souvenirs for guests in one package!

Invite #1 artist to your event to paint guests during the event, and upgrade the party with an excellent attraction and useful and personal souvenirs for guests.

Kirill has a rare talent and skill to draw people quickly in a similar way on different products. Since 2000, Kirill has appeared at the events of thousands of families and organizations in Israel.

And everyone says: “WOW it’s just amazing!”

Why should you choose Kirill?

  • A beautiful drawing that resembles people, in a realistic style, and is not exaggerated
  • Colorful and sunken drawing, looks like a finished work and not a draft sketch
  • A variety of exclusive products, such as mugs, wooden blocks, towels, canvases etc.
  • Works non-stop and provides maximum value and return for your money
  • Arrives personally and never sends another artist instead himself.

mugs blocks magnets t-shirts pillowcases bags caps canvases foamboard posters cards

About the service

Kirill arrives and opens his mobile studio at your event between 30-60 minutes in advance for set up. There is a waiting list for the guests to register in line and avoid waiting and unnecessary discussions.
When the event begins, the artist draws the guests one by one, directly on the material you have chosen before.
It takes about 3-6 minutes per person, depending on the product ordered and the technique, which allows drawing 20-80 people in an event of 2-4 hours respectively.
The cost varies according to the number of hours/people and the product you choose.

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Check out the recent works:

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