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Kirill Nelkenbaum is a leading Israeli cartoon portrait artist and a CEO of Like2Be Ltd, a company that produces pictures, products and videos with beautiful handmade and computer generated caricature portraits of people from photo and live on various events.

Kirill is originally from Russia, and probably was born with a pencil in his hand, business in his head and smile on his face.

Since 2000, so far Kirill have personally painted more than 80,000 people, and with his team – more than 100,000 people in Israel and around the world.

Kirill’s mission is to draw people happy by cartoon portraits that express their beauty and personality.

Kirill’s vision is to draw at least 1,000,000 during his lifetime.

The Wish2Be, an online caricature maker app that he has developed, helps him achieve the goals.

Kirill graduated youth art school in Russia, the arts high school in Mitzpe Ramon (Israel), a Holon Institute of Technology HIT with 1-at degree Bachelor in Visual Communication Design B.DES with honors (2004) and a Master’s degree in business administration – MBA in marketing with honors from Or Yehuda Academic Institute (2012). Kiril also completed professional courses in online marketing, financial management, investments, and web and mobile applications development.

Among Kiril’s interests and hobbies are playing ice and inline hockey in Israeli National Hockey leagues, ski, healthy food and lifestyle, playing drums, reading books, listening to funk , jazz and hip hop music.

As a multimedia designer, web development and online marketing professional, Kiril also is involved as active partner in number of web and mobile projects and is opened for cooperation offers.

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Beautiful and recognizable cartoon portraits: in addition to the similarity to the original persons, they look more beautiful. The adults – look younger and children – cooler.

Wide range of materials and products for every taste and any budget, including pictures on paper, foam board, canvas, tshirts, towels, pillowcases, apron, bags, and even mugs , that are expanding anytime with new materials.

High quality artwork: All paintings 100% colored, and have rich and completed look.

Superior quality in everything: good looking artist, professional equipment, materials and products quality, branded package and on-time delivery.

Unbelievable speed: quick painting achieved by unique techniques and tools and lot of experience in speed cartoon portraits painting at events.

Commitment to customers: those who work with Kirill has peace of mind, because the customer needs are always put above personal interests.

Professionalism and experience: official art education and more than 17 years of an experience on market and 30 years of painting. Continuous improvements in products, technology and artists’ skills.

Superb customer’s service: Kiril’s sales representative provides you the best offer, answer the questions, and makes the booking process quick and easy.

Flexibility and adaptability of the service for any customer needs, anywhere on earth, until total satisfaction.

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