I’m from Beer Yaakov, Israel, and can arrive by car to any place in Israel or flight worldwide.
The equipment is mobile and quite compact, can be set at any location that has 2×2 m space, light source, electric socket and 1 chair for painted person. Client pays travel costs that depend on distance from my home and suppliers involved.

I have everything needed for the work besides basic things that usually any location has:

  • 2×2 m. empty space
  • Light source or electric socket
  • 1 chair for painted persons (I have one)

When you order painting pictures, and the place is well lighted, there is no need in electricity.

When airbrush painting on tshirts or any textile is ordered, the electricity is a must

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pictures on foam board – the flagship product:

You can hang it on the wall immediately after the party without the need to frame
As a gift for guests, it feels a product with presence (relative to paper poster)
Contrast is slightly higher than the shirts because the black line is done with a marker
Price of foam board/paper painting is significantly cheaper than tshirts.
Statistics shows that when guests are offered to choose between products at the party, about 60% of them preferred pictures, without knowing that the shirts are more expensive product. Maybe because people think that tshirts can not be washed (that is not true) or, more likely, think that the picture would serve them more time – pictures hanging in the room.

T-shirts with the cartoon:

– Special gift for guests that begin to wear even at the party itself, and is a great shirt for trips, home and sleep.
– Unique attraction
that that not many people can afford as drawing on images, they get more respect from guests.
The shirts can be worn over time and be regularly washed in the machine at 30 degrees without fear that the painting will come down, it remains for years.
I’m the only artist that use specially mixed colors, that did not even require an ironing to be resistant to washing.
Shirts are 100% cotton, white, round neck hole, very high quality.
I have two compressors, 1 as spare, to eliminate the chance of activity fail because of equipment malfunction.

Note that, in addition to pictures and shirts I can supply towels, pillowcases, bags, magnets and mugs, that you can contact me for the information and quote about these options.

As many as you need, between 15-120 on small/big event.  While working alone, without brakes, my speed is 12-14 people in color and 16-18 in black-white. The pricing is by quantity and time both, with packages of 20-30-40-50 people, when I’m coming alone or if you need to paint 60-70-80-90-100 at the 3-5 hours party, I’ coming with an assistant that colors my work. That lets me double the speed and provide double quantity at the same time or same quantity at 2-times shorter time, in case that the event is limited by time. Working in such way is better and quicker than bringing 2 separate artists, because the painting style is the same and there is no way that someone is painted twice, that usually happens with 2 separate artists with different quality and style.

Many event planners and families afraid that cartoonist will “steal” the guests attention from dancing and eating.

Yes, its really interesting to see live painting , but still people do not spend all their time around me and after 4-5 paintings go dancing.
The main factor for standing around the artist is that kids and adults afraid to miss their turn, and there is simple solution for that: numbered names list.

Everyone writes his name and can go dancing or eating and come from time time to check his turn. so there’s no need to spend all the time around me waiting for turn.

Another solution, that is included with ordering of painting 50 and more people, is “Live broadcasting” service , which includes installing a video camera and projector that convey the painting process in real time on a screen or on a large wall, during all the party time. That allows guests to enjoy the process of painting even remotely without losing food and dancing, and see who is drawn now to not lose the line. Booking number lower than 50 paintings the live broadcast service is provided for an additional price.
Bar / Bat Mitzvah
Birthday of children and adults
Purim party
Brit mila
Employees / customers party
Friends party
Marketing pavilion at the exhibition or trade show
Promotional event

Of course it is! The one of my main advantages is painting people younger than they are.
I have never met any person (and especially women) that would like to look the same or older than their age. My goal to make people happy with the painting, and I automatically lower people age at least 20%, while keeping them look alike, but without wrinkles and flaws in the face or body.
The only thing you have to consider is booking painting in black and white, or at least offer the possibility to choose between color and black and white, because many of adults think that black and white drawing is more classic and solid.
I also
can make double paintings of spouses or friends, and even trios (the count of the number of people is by person, so ordering a picture of 40 people worth making time and cost of painting 20 pairs)

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